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County of Sullivan County
Town of Thompson
S.C. Chamber of Commerce
S.C. Partnership for Eco Dev
S.C. Visitor's Association
Monticello Fire Department
Monticello Housing Authority

Located off NYS Route 17 (future I-86) the Village of Monticello is mid-way between New York City and Binghamton. Monticello is the largest community of the Sullivan County Catskills and home to the Mighty M Gaming Facility at Monticello Raceway. Monticello serves as the county seat with the Sullivan County Government Center also in the Village.

The Village of Monticello General Code is now available online HERE!

Our economy is experiencing rapid growth! We are looking for more investment in our community and want to aid those interested in bringing more business here.

Click here for more information on economic development.

Want to help grow our community?

Click here for some helpful information regarding building in our area.

Doug Solomon

Mayor, Village of Monticello

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